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Our Team

PJ Hanna, Founder, President, CEO, Head Mouse

pj hanna

Fav Quote: "Even the greatest hitter failed 6 out of 10 times"

Expertise: Systems integration, Windows servers, Networking

Hometown: Oxford PA

First Job: Salesman, Selling garbage pail kids & baseball cards to my friends

Hobbies: Video Games, Watching Sports

Fuel: Diet Mt Dew, Starburst

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: Helping people grow and succeed

Recharging Zone: My couch.

Apps I can’t live without: Twitter, Waze, ESPN

Tech Tip: Trust the Experts, we do this for a living

Renee Hanna, Vice President, CFO, Mouse Boss

renee hanna

Fav Quote: "You can’t do epic $hit with basic people."

Expertise: Organizing, it’s my superpower.

Hometown: Anywhere, really. I was a Navy brat.

First Job: Waitress and I was terrible at it.

Hobbies: Running, building, creating

Fuel: Beer

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: Easy, my coworkers are freaking awesome.

Recharging Zone: Any trail in the woods.

Apps I can’t live without: Amazon

Tech Tip: Call the guys

Ben Olsen, Senior Network Engineer

ben olsen

Fav Quote: "Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." - Jim Carey

Expertise: 365, Exchange, SharePoint, PowerShell, Networking, Automation, Fixing Sh*t

Hometown: Kirkland/Seattle

First Job: Paperboy (Seattle Times)

Hobbies: Art (Drawing, Performance, Ceramics, Public Art, Poetry), Movies, Beards

Fuel: Coffee, Henry Weinhards root beer, Whiskey, Fresh Baked Bread

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: Being proud of the service we provide. (Close second: Commute)

Recharging Zone: Walking, Dancing, Travel, Kids, Pets

Apps I can’t live without: Netscape Navigator, Terminal, ChatGPT, Bitwarden


Wayne Tschabold, Network Support Engineer

wayne tschabold

Fav Quote:  "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C Clarke

Expertise: Nothing, I just need to know enough about a lot of different things.

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

First Job: News Paper Delivery, The Tacoma News Tribune

Hobbies: Radio Control Anything, Computer Gaming, Reading & Twisty Mountain Roads.

Fuel: Diet Coke, AKA, (Death in a Can, Nectar of the Gods).

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: Ben

Recharging Zone: Under the goggles or carving up a twisty windy road.

Apps I can’t live without: Ben

Tech Tip: Rebooting fixes more things then you realize.

Michael Shenberger, Network Support Engineer

Michael Shenberger

Fav Quote: Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. -Albert Einstein

Expertise: Networking, Security, Administration, and Hardware  

Hometown: Jerseyville, Il  

First Job: Farmhand

Hobbies: Anything outdoors. PC building and modification. Gaming

Fuel: Coffee and Modelo

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: Atmosphere

Recharging Zone: Mountains, Timber, Ocean, and my gaming chair

Apps I can’t live without: FL Studio 

Tech Tip: If you are in doubt, don’t.

Raul Talingo, Network Support Engineer

Raul Talingo

Favorite Quote:  "Do or Do not, there is no try"

Expertise: Active Directory

Hometown: Orange, CA

First Job: McDonalds. I was a customer service engineer (Fry Guy)

Hobbies: Videogames, Anime, and Disney

Fuel: Coke Zero, Coffee

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: The great people and culture

Recharging Zone: Spending time with family, and going to the movies

Apps I can’t live without: Tik Tok (Thanks Jenn) and Cozi

Tech Tip: Nothing is ever free, dont click on that link for that prize you won!

Jocelynn Stepanoff, Office Administrator aka Juggler of Chaos

Jocelynn Stepanoff

Favorite Quote: "If you can't do it brave, do it scared"

Expertise: Thriving in chaos

Hometown: Born in California, but raised everywhere!

First Job: Administrative assistant for a real estate agent

Hobbies: Making art, meditating, and baking

Fuel: Anything caffeinated, and grapes

Favorite thing about working at Graemouse: The people and the company values

Recharging Zone: The gym! Or, my bed.

Apps I can’t live without: Etsy & Pinterest

Tech Tip: I'll leave that to the pros