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What Our Clients Say

They’re awesome!

Graemouse has done an excellent job for our firm for the past 2 years that they've worked with us. We love them, especially PJ & Ben. We can always count on them to take care of our needs completely and in a timely manner. They come up with great ideas for saving money with new products and for being more efficient with the products that we currently use. They’re also really nice people to work with, and really seem to care when we have a problem. They’re always quick to respond, and get our needs taken care of. They are, by far, the best IT company I've work with. Jacobs & Jacobs will continue with them for years to come. They’re awesome!

Stephanie Somerville
Jacobs & Jacobs Law Offices

What a Team!

We have worked with Graemouse for 10+ years.  I know they are doing a great job when I haven't had to call them for months at a time.  But if I do they are quick to respond and they do a great job.  They have a very proficient system in place to file a ticket when we have an issue.  I would and have recommended Graemouse to many of my business associates.  

Dr. Mike Long
Renaissance Chiropractic
United States

Great IT Team!

We are a small business that was quickly expanding and rapidly integrating remote and mobile networking.  As we grew, we struggled to keep both our in-house and remote technology operating smoothly with a positive user-end experience.  Graemouse stepped in to provide our firm with the full range of service and expertise we needed.  With affordable solutions, they have helped us decrease our downtime and function at optimal levels while also ensuring our data and systems were secure and safe as we expanded to remote and mobile networking.  Graemouse has a professional and proactive team that has provided extremely responsive support, both with remote management and hands-on onsite visits when needed. 

Sarah S.
Connelly Law Offices, PLLC
United States

Pleasantly surprised

I switched my IT support services to Graemouse Technologies reluctantly, as I had been with same IT company for 12 years located in same building as my office. I have been pleasantly surprised with the service we have received, as Graemouse has exceeded the service they promised.  Not only did Graemouse resolve an ongoing Outlook issue (that was unresolved for almost a year), they have been extremely responsive to all of our needs, and demonstrated great knowledge and expertise in handling all issues that have come up.  I appreciate the professionalism that GT has brought to the table, and in doing so have taken IT responsibilities off of my plate.  Many thanks!!!

Curt Nuccitelli

Spirit Transport Systems, Inc.

My safety net

I can always count on PJ to solve my CODE RED emergencies in a hurry and get us back up and running.  Thanks PJ!

Patti S.
Pacific Alaska Lumber, LLC

How to make your employees happy by outsourcing your IT needs

"The Cloud" is all the rage it seems.  Having worked in the computer manufacturing and auto industry,  I have used private "Cloud computing" since 1978.  However, having your data stored on a third-party server somewhere else in the world is not the best solution for every company.  This was the case for Lacrimedics, Inc. a small medical device manufacturer in Washington state.  The company started with an in-house database server and a single non-dedicated IT person, then outsourced the IT functions and database server to two different providers during the intervening years with less than stellar results.  After years of poor support, loss of data, slow data transmission rates, unavailability of tech support, etc., Lacrimedics decided to bring the data server back in-house.  Thankfully Lacrimedics found Graemouse Technologies.  Graemouse Technologies installed all of the hardware and networking, worked directly with third-party vendors to ensure that Lacriimedics data and operating programs were transferred from the remote server to the new in-house server, and provides on-going support in order for Lacrimedics to have an in-house private "cloud."  Graemouse efforts have provided the following operational improvements:

1. Faster connection and transaction speeds when using the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

2. 100% up-time.

3. Responsive and knowledgeable IT support including network design and installation, employee computers, manufacturing process monitoring and data collection, security, and offsite data back-up.

4. Worldwide connectivity for remote users that is fast and reliable.

5. When equipment, connection, and/or software issues are encountered by Lacrimedics' employees, the problems are corrected in a timely and professional manner.  No longer do the employees need to leave Post-It Notes on the COO's desk and hope that something is done.  The employees can contact "PJ" directly and they really appreciate the concierge level of service and support.

My only regret with Graemouse Technologies is that Lacrimedics did not find them sooner.

Brian P. Logan, COO

Lacrimedics, Inc.

Brian Logan

Lacrimedics, Inc.

Owner/ Business Manager

We opperate a busy bowling center in Puyallup and have called on Graemouse for IT solutions countless times. Pj is awesome, he continually keeps us clean of problems and opperating so we can attend to our own customers. He is responsible for all IT concerns and has installed a new phone system that include wonderful headsets and the proper technology to effeciently handle stressful times. I think he is a great asset.


Chuck Linn

Daffodil Bowl

PJ is wonderful!

PJ Hanna of Graemouse Technologies is wonderful! He does amazing work. I know just enough IT stuff that I get into trouble. My first call is to PJ. He is extremely accommodating, is an expert IT guy and an electronic guru. He has saved me numerous times. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Judy Schwind
Owner, Schwind Accounting, Inc

PJ is fantabulous!

PJ is fantabulous! He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and has the patience of a saint when helping you solve your computer problems. If you are tech-less in Seattle (or Tacoma, or Puyallup, or surrounding areas) do yourself a favor and call PJ at Graemouse and get some relief!

Janet Large
Master Trainer and Life Coach, Living Large Success Center

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